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Dan Prust

I'm a proven, full stack software expert: from back/front-end code, graphical artistry, UX/UI, and even music composition and audio engineering. I'm more than a web developer, I also create desktop applications. Resume available upon request.
Note: Dan Prust is a common name in Wisconsin. Please remember my middle name is "Allen" when performing background checks.

Your Technological Swiss Army Knife

Having built so many successful projects diverse environments and technologies, you know you can place me in any position, with any technology, and be certain I will build your vision and career. If you are looking for someone who is versatile, willing to embrace change, and who learns extremely fast, you have found your candidate.

Fast, On Time, Solid Software

Every minute over budget is a lost opportunity. You'll find I am one of the fastest software experts around because I keep it simple, consistent, and agile. After all, it is easy to change requirements while keeping on schedule when the system has the ability to change on a dime. You'll also find my software to be solid, so you don't have to waste precious time on a lot of maintenance.


I have a Master of Software Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Carroll University. Carroll has one of the best Computer Science departments in the region. Pairing education with extensive real world success gets you someone like me who is both well-versed in the technical and has the practical experience to get the job done on time, under budget, and with enduring quality.

Team Focus

The most common feedback I get from developers is gratitude for writing documentation and code they can easily understand, maintain, and extend. My focus is on you. What we produce on a daily basis affects the life of not only every team member but every future team member who has to maintain it. I promise to treat you with the respect you deserve by taking the time to produce what you need to succeed.


I have left a legacy of solid software at every client I have ever had; software so solid it is taken for granted that it will work. In an age where this whirlwind of technologies changes on a weekly basis, you need people like me who have experience, strong fundamentals, and the desire to work with and learn from the best, wouldn't you agree?

Business Sectors

Building Efficiency
Health Care
Health Insurance
Mortgage Lending
Retail: Corporate
Life Insurance
Software architecture must be about scalability, maintainability, and above all: simplicity. Architects who understand this are, and have always been, rare.